How strong your love is? . . .

29 12 2008

It hurts when the time comes you have to be far from the one you love. You are both happy for each other will have their chances to start achieving their goals. But of course, blessings comes with sacrifices. You both stick to the idea that it’s just for a while but never forget the fact that almost everything will change once this distance becomes a burden in your relationship. You’ll have to deal with different things and changes that will occur in your lives. This will be one of the biggest trials in your entire time together. But as you promised how your love for each other will reign forever, bring it wherever you are. Feel it in your hearts even if you’re at the opposite sides of the world. If you’re really meant to be together, no matter how far you are and how long it will take for you to be together, if you have the trust, loyalty and true love for each other, you’ll obtain the eternity of life and love you’ve been longing and never be separated from each other again.




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