true love…is it?…

5 01 2009

Love is strong….only if it’s true…
Can anyone tell me how to know if the love you have right now is true?.. I mean, let’s be honest to ourselves… No matter how you deal with this thing, you cannot deny and avoid this one precious time in your life where you’re gonna be in a serious relationship which you’ll absolutely care for… The person you want to be with everytime as if you don’t want to lose sight of him/her… Stranger at first but as time passes by you can’t help but think of him/her… What’s she/or he is doing? Who’s with him/her at this moment? Has he/she eaten already? The only thing that’s missing is that you spy him/her with a camera if you’ll not be with her everytime… And if you’re with your very special loved one, every second counts… Never let any moment not be memorable for both of you… But inspite of those things, what if destiny puts your love into a test?.. Trials can never be avoided… It will definitely come to you no matter how long you have been together or how far you’ve come.,. What matters most is how strong your trust, loyalty and most of all, love for each other for these will be the things you’ll use to protect your relationship from playful destiny…..




2 responses

16 01 2009
Mike Davidson

You will fight for the one you love, no matter what and if they don’t fight for you then you know how much love they have to offer.Most people get lust and love mixed up.You realy need to look at love with your heart and eyes. ove is blind…

Mike Davidson

16 01 2009

i think you’ll be the only one to feel if your partner is being loyal to you even if everyone else says he or she is not. . .’cause we should be the only one to know them better than any other in this aspect of life. . . 🙂

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