Loyalty. . .

13 01 2009

On the first month of our new relationship, I thought everything’s fine. He told me that he already broke-up with his other girl and I believed in him. He promised me that he’ll not answer texts or calls from her. One day, Bert approached me and said that he wanted to tell me something important. We talked to each other and I learned from him that when I’m not around, Mhyco is still texting Mary and answering her calls. He always hear their conversation so sweet and it’s like Mary has no idea about us. And there’s this one week that I knew they were reunited and Mhyco was keeping it from me. He had no idea that I know what he’s doing on me. I tried to seem innocent about the matter and continued dealing with him keeping the feeling of the pain as best as I can so that he’ll not notice. Until I decided to confront him about it on the weekends and I confirmed it. He confessed what he had done and I don’t want to decide immediately to end our story. He told me that he’s waiting for the right time to tell Mary about us because he pity her. He said he don’t love her anymore but couldn’t resist her just because of pity. I don’t know but I still believed in him. On the second month, I think it got worst. I know he still receives her texts and calls and lies to me just to answer but I just let that situation go on hoping that one day he’ll realize that he’s doing too much. Mary finally found about us and she can’t accept it. She asked Mhyco if he wanted to come back to her if she forgives him but Mhyco seemed like didn’t like the idea. Actually they really broke-up before that second one but since Mhyco decided to part ways with her, she never let us have peace. She always call me and shout at me and throw profane languages on me. But I kept calm until she begged me to let Mhyco go and give him back to her. I don’t know what Mhyco really felt about that but all he wanted was to let Mary and I talk: one thing that I was so irritated about him. He didn’t had a decision for the problem. I was about to give up that time because I think I’ll really have to take a rest on this aspect and I grew tired of feeling hurt. Still, I gave it one last chance. If still in this one, nothing’s gonna change, I know what I’d have to do.

Mhyco asked me to be brave and apologized for everything that happened. We practiced being patient and understanding with each other. Although there were still times that we’re being haunted by the past, we obtain to be consistent. I wanted to be honest and say that at that time, I find it hard to trust him again. And to confess, it really took a long time before before I was able to believe in him again and give him my trust. And so our relationship went on smoothly and thought this will last. But then again, it’s too early to judge…




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