27 01 2009


mis na mis na kita mahal….

buhay ng long-distance relationship…

19 01 2009

kumusta naman?? ang hirap mabuhay ng malayo sa mahal moh… ngayon, wala akong ibang pwedeng gawin kundi maghintay sa pagbabalik niya after three months.. ang masaklap, wala kaming communication nun kasi bawal sa training nila.. how sad… 😦 T_T ):

here i go again…

19 01 2009

i admit i really expected a call from him yesterday… i really wanted to know how he is doing right now… i wanted to hear how much he loves me and how much he cares for me… i wanted to see him… i’m missing him badly… everytime that i’m alone i’m always crying ’cause of the pain that i’m feeling… i asked for a sign before… if he’s not gonna call me this Sunday, the next time that i’m gonna wait for his call is on mid-February… i hope he calls ’cause if not, we’ll just be able to see and talk to each other on mid-April when he comes back… <OMG!!! that’s for 3 months that i’m gonna bear which is driving me crazy… 😦

still missing…

16 01 2009

mahal koh,

I’m missing you so much!!!take care always!!! I love you very, very much!!!hmwaaah!!!

Elements of Love.,.,

14 01 2009

what really makes up LOVE?

trust, loyalty, time, communication, patience, understanding and of course the word itself, love…

do you think a relationship will work out with even one of these missing? I know we have different answers to this particular question. But if I’m to answer it, for me it depends… For an instance, if you don’t have trust on the person you love, you think it’s fine? of course not!! But if you lose communication for quite some time, I think that will be alright. You can’t avoid the times that you have to be apart from each other. In that situation, time and communication will be lessen. Sometimes it will be absent for a while. Well I think it won’t matter. If you have trust and loyalty, you’ll understand why that needs to happen. You have to learn to deal with those things because love will never be complete without trials.

To those girls and guys who are in the same state as mine right  now, have faith in your partner and trust him/her. For we’ll never want to lose a very special treasure just because of a faulty judgment.


right here waiting. . .

14 01 2009

Yes, we didn’t have any major concerns except for now. Last December 15, 2008, Mhyco was ordered by his superiors in the company he applied for to go to the province where their training institute is located. I accompanied him there the next day and waited for him to finish what we’ve came for. He excitedly told me that he passed all the interviews and examinations and he’s in for the 3-month training in the same institute. Of course, I’m very happy for him and proud. Although I know that it will be the start of another episode in our relationship…

He was scheduled for the training on the 10th of January, 2009. The sad part is that he has to stay in there for the entire three months and communication between us would be very seldom. Trainees are not allowed to bring cellphones and other stuff which are not included in their official list of things to bring. Only those necessary uniforms and for personal hygiene are allowed. I asked the guards there before of the usual things that’s happening in the place. They said that visitors are only allowed after a month, just for nine hours in one day. They are not even permitted to go out in Sundays to use payphones to call their relatives. At first, I thought of it as unfair because they are the only company who’s very strict in their training course but I have no choice. I knew he had waited for such a long time for that rare opportunity to come. And now that he’s almost there, I don’t have the right to stop him. He had worked for it several months after he graduated and I know that he deserves it…

We spent the rest of the time together almost everyday before he left. I was the one who organized and fixed his things for the training and we’ll never avoid sentimental moments as the time was fast approaching. I wanted to accompany him to the institute but he wouldn’t let me at first. He said he doesn’t like those kind of moments. But I managed to make him agree since I was very insistent. Before we parted ways, we went first to a mall nearby and entertained ourselves in  a game arcade. To tell you the truth, I almost forget about us being away from each other for three months without communication. I wished the time stopped there. But we have to face the reality. I was so depressed the very moment I got up the bus home and him walked towards the institute….

Now, it’s only been 5 days after he left. It’s like a month for me. Being with someone you only wished to be with as always for the rest of your life is out of your sight and you do not even know what’s happening to him. He never slipped out of my mind. I’m missing him so much. I realized how luckier I am than he is right now because I’m able to watch our videos together in my mp5 and hear his voice on his recordings. But him? He only has the photo album with plenty of our pictures together which I personally made myself as what he requested me to do. I remember he used to remind me about it from time to time that he forgets other things he needed to bring but never the pictures. He explained to me why and I fully understood it. It’s because since they are not allowed to bring phones to communicate or other devices to entertain themselves, the only thing that he could do is to look at our pictures while reminiscing our sweet moments together. I am so worried how bad he feels of the torturing training and longing for love and care. But as what he said in his message before he left, <he recorded it in my mp5 the night before he left), even though we’ll not see each other for a long time and have no communication, I have to be strong as what he’ll do, it doesn’t matter as long as what we feel for each other will never fade. His recording made me cry harder than ever. I know I have to be used to this kind of situation because after his training, a year of on-the-job-training overseas will follow so we’ll be apart again longer than the first time. Well, as what he said and promised, as long as the true love is there, distance and time won’t matter. I miss you so much, sweetheart!!! Take care always and Godbless!!! I’m just right here waiting for you… I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Loyalty. . .

13 01 2009

On the first month of our new relationship, I thought everything’s fine. He told me that he already broke-up with his other girl and I believed in him. He promised me that he’ll not answer texts or calls from her. One day, Bert approached me and said that he wanted to tell me something important. We talked to each other and I learned from him that when I’m not around, Mhyco is still texting Mary and answering her calls. He always hear their conversation so sweet and it’s like Mary has no idea about us. And there’s this one week that I knew they were reunited and Mhyco was keeping it from me. He had no idea that I know what he’s doing on me. I tried to seem innocent about the matter and continued dealing with him keeping the feeling of the pain as best as I can so that he’ll not notice. Until I decided to confront him about it on the weekends and I confirmed it. He confessed what he had done and I don’t want to decide immediately to end our story. He told me that he’s waiting for the right time to tell Mary about us because he pity her. He said he don’t love her anymore but couldn’t resist her just because of pity. I don’t know but I still believed in him. On the second month, I think it got worst. I know he still receives her texts and calls and lies to me just to answer but I just let that situation go on hoping that one day he’ll realize that he’s doing too much. Mary finally found about us and she can’t accept it. She asked Mhyco if he wanted to come back to her if she forgives him but Mhyco seemed like didn’t like the idea. Actually they really broke-up before that second one but since Mhyco decided to part ways with her, she never let us have peace. She always call me and shout at me and throw profane languages on me. But I kept calm until she begged me to let Mhyco go and give him back to her. I don’t know what Mhyco really felt about that but all he wanted was to let Mary and I talk: one thing that I was so irritated about him. He didn’t had a decision for the problem. I was about to give up that time because I think I’ll really have to take a rest on this aspect and I grew tired of feeling hurt. Still, I gave it one last chance. If still in this one, nothing’s gonna change, I know what I’d have to do.

Mhyco asked me to be brave and apologized for everything that happened. We practiced being patient and understanding with each other. Although there were still times that we’re being haunted by the past, we obtain to be consistent. I wanted to be honest and say that at that time, I find it hard to trust him again. And to confess, it really took a long time before before I was able to believe in him again and give him my trust. And so our relationship went on smoothly and thought this will last. But then again, it’s too early to judge…