buhay ng long-distance relationship…

19 01 2009

kumusta naman?? ang hirap mabuhay ng malayo sa mahal moh… ngayon, wala akong ibang pwedeng gawin kundi maghintay sa pagbabalik niya after three months.. ang masaklap, wala kaming communication nun kasi bawal sa training nila.. how sad… 😦 T_T ):

here i go again…

19 01 2009

i admit i really expected a call from him yesterday… i really wanted to know how he is doing right now… i wanted to hear how much he loves me and how much he cares for me… i wanted to see him… i’m missing him badly… everytime that i’m alone i’m always crying ’cause of the pain that i’m feeling… i asked for a sign before… if he’s not gonna call me this Sunday, the next time that i’m gonna wait for his call is on mid-February… i hope he calls ’cause if not, we’ll just be able to see and talk to each other on mid-April when he comes back… <OMG!!! that’s for 3 months that i’m gonna bear which is driving me crazy… 😦

still missing…

16 01 2009

mahal koh,

I’m missing you so much!!!take care always!!! I love you very, very much!!!hmwaaah!!!


16 01 2009

hi!!! to everybody who’ll be able to read this, give me some serious suggestions on what things i may do whle waiting for my guy to return from his long training, please… i can’t help but think of it everytime i’m not doing anything… makes me miss him too much… 😦

love poll. . .

15 01 2009